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You are qualified.

You are passionate about what you do but sometimes securing quality results can be a challenge.

Leading your teams presents never ending challenge and has become a difficult aspect of your work.

You were appointed on merit because you are competent, but your leadership confidence has taken a knock. Have I described something that resonates with you?

I invite you to take the Academy of Women’s Leadership Score Card. I created this to help female leaders identify the source of their challenges and give personalised strategies to make the changes necessary in their leadership journey.


Clarity for your leadership journey

Bespoke advice on how to secure your strengths and address any gaps

Personalised insights into your own performance in the 4 key areas needed to thrive as a leader

It's FREE and only takes 3 minutes.

See your score instantly.

Identify Key Area(s) of Improvement.

Discover what area(s) you should be focusing on next.

Personal PDF report with detailed feedback.

Receive a PDF report with detailed information about where you are right now, and what you can do to improve.

What Next?

You will receive your personal leadership action plan immediately.

The scorecard benchmarks your level of confidence and influence.

It gives you a framework to address the gap between your professional qualifications and the level of leadership confidence you need to THRIVE!

Your Commitment

The peronalized report is free of charge and requires no commitment from you!

Join other leaders that have taken the quiz and have benefited immensly. Experience that light bulb moment when you are finally able to place your finger on what is lacking in your leadership journey.

Confidence is NOT a feeling, it is a stance you have when you take appropriate action. Complete the scorecard today and find out what you need to secure your leadership journey